I blog in two places. I run multiple websites covering the many projects that I have live and active on the web. I wear many hats — too many, perhaps — and it’s all starting to take its toll on me.

I feel as though I am struggling through an identity crisis. I design for clients by day, but my extracurricular activities are pulling me apart. Who am I? Am I a freelancing advocate and coach? Am I a fantasy writer? Am I the maker of helpful products? Perhaps I’m all of those things, but doing them all separately, in different places and under different names can’t be helping my crisis of focus and direction.

The reality is simple: I am one man, not many. I’m not a designer and business writer and fantasy author and product designer; I’m just Aaron Mahnke. The things that I create are fragments of my soul, and to keep them separated and segregated into their own corners of the internet is akin to locking away siblings, never to see each other again.

I need a change.

My personal writing needs to be consolidated to one site. My books, tools, products and freebies all need to live there, where my readers can find them with the greatest ease.

Not everything can move, though. Read & Trust is a product of its own, and needs to live at its own unique URL. And my design business will always need to have its own website. But other than those two strands, everything else can be combined.

Those pieces all need to start moving soon. The longer I stand as a man divided, the longer I will suffer this identity crisis and lack of direction. I need to become whole again.