Podcaster Coaching Session

No Catch, Just a Chance for 15-Minutes with Aaron Mahnke

Podcasting isn’t as new as it once was, but it’s still a mystery to a lot of new creators. Sometimes we need a sherpa to help us reach our destination—an experienced guide who can help us navigate pitfalls and master the best survival techniques.

That’s what I want to do for a select few budding podcasters. I’m Aaron Mahnke, the creator of the hit podcast Lore, as well as the Lore television series and the World of Lore book series for Penguin Random House. I’ve grown Lore from 9 downloads on the first day nearly three years ago to over 98-million downloads, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

I’m making a very small number of 15-minute blocks available to hop on Skype and chat about podcasting with creators who need the help. Questions about writing, marketing, sponsorships, and other core topics are all on the menu. All you need to do is ask.

Not everyone is going to get in, so I apologize in advance. There are only 4-6 spots up for grabs. Your availability, needs, and experience level are all going to play a part in being chosen for one of these spots. And if it works out well, I may offer more spots in the future. Getting on the list now helps make that possible.

Below is a link to an “intake form” designed to get information necessary for setting up the actual coaching session, as well as helping me know what topics you want covered during our limited time. When you’re ready to get started, click the button and tell me your story.

I can’t wait to help you grow!

Terms & Conditions:

  • There’s no cost for these coaching sessions, but there is a limited number of spots available.
  • Students will be chosen by Aaron using his schedule, your schedule, topic, experience, and general interest level as deciding factors. No hard feelings, please…there’s no possible way Aaron can meet with everyone.
  • Each session will last a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • There’s no rescheduling option for these spots, so be on-time and ready to chat.