I wrote another book.

This one is really close to my heart, if that makes a difference. I’m a freelance graphic designer by day, though I dabble in a few other side projects from time to time. I am proud to admit, though, that I’m a damn good freelancer. Over the years I have had the honor of being asked by many other business owners how I do what I do. So I wrote a book about it.

Frictionless Freelancing is my attempt to teach people how I manage to run a freelance business without most of the problems that freelancers experience. Have you had to deal with clients who won’t pay their invoices, or projects that never seem to end? Those are issues I’ve solved in my business, and I’m a much happier guy for doing so.

The book covers the main areas where friction (anything that clogs up a system or breaks a relationship) tends to creep in and cause frustration for freelancers and small business owners: productivity, finances, clients and personal life. Part attitude adjustment and part guidebook, Frictionless Freelancing is a toolkit for freelancers who want to get better at what they do.

If you’re a fellow business of one, I hope you love it. Go grab your copy of Frictionless Freelancing today!