I’m a freelance designer, and the vast majority of the payments I receive from clients come through PayPal. The beauty of PayPal is that people can use either a PayPal account, or use a credit card without an account, to pay for my services. Stripe is fantastic as well, but it’s only for credit cards, and sometimes my clients really want to use their PayPal balance to pay me.

In the Olden Days of my freelance work, I would log into PayPal and generate a unique payment link for each invoice. The client would be taken to a page where the invoice amount was already inserted into the form, and they just paid. But as I got busier, it became more and more burdensome to create those invoice-specific links. To that end, I figured out a way to have “one link to rule them all”, a master payment link that was generic and absent of invoice info.

Because I like helping people smooth out the rough parts of their jobs (my newest book, Frictionless Freelancing, is one long exercise in just that), I put together a nice little PDF to guide others through the process of creating these generic payment links. It’s easy if you know where to look, and this PDF will get you there.