I wrapped up the final portion of the first draft of my new novel this past Friday afternoon. What a relief!

Of course, the work isn’t done yet. I made a huge mistake with my first two novels by only putting them in front of just two proofreading “beta readers”, making  the corrections and then publishing. I was younger, much less experienced and very, very eager to get my books out and available. Lesson learned.

This time, the entire book gets a second pass from me, word by word. I’ll re-write about 25% of the text, judging by the editing that I’ve managed to complete on the first two chapters. It’s tedious, and not my favorite thing to do. But I can already tell that the book is becoming so much better by doing this.

After this phase, the book will go in for “real” editing, and then the beta readers will take a pass at it. But I’m still hopeful for a late February launch. Remember: if you’d like to know when it’s available, be sure to sign up for my mailing list. I have a feeling you won’t want to miss this one.