Destiny: A Fairy Tale

Every tale must have a beginning, a birth, a point of departure. Some tales begin long, long ago, while others in a land far away. Some begin with both, and for some, that is where they end as well.

It is said that stories give life to people long dead and forgotten. That the mysterious path to immortality is a life worthy of remembrance. Tales can last thousands of years, or vanish with the coming spring. They can be heirlooms, passed from father to son with love and reverence, or trinkets tossed aside like unwanted toys. Some tales birth gods, and some conceal the truth. This tale does not lay claim to the former, but it certainly deals strongly in the latter. For truth is better digested when taken with honey…

Orphaned at birth with a mysterious key, Simon Kendrick was raised in the quiet village of Bywood unaware of his true story. But when a traveling knight presents him with the opportunity to search for answers outside his home, Simon jumps at the chance.

Now, Simon must undertake an unforgettable journey if he is to discover who he truly is.

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