The Magic Prefix

One of the items that jumped out at those who watched the big Apple event on Tuesday was a change in the naming of their new products. In the past, it was almost guaranteed that a new device, and certainly one that opened up a new product category for the company,...

Indian Summer: Week One Report

I wanted to check in and reflect on the first week of sales for my new novel, Indian Summer. I posted a Day One report, and it was amazing how many people found it informative, useful and even encouraging. In the spirit of transparency, here is my (humble and meager)...

Launch Day Results

I released a new novel yesterday, and I thought I would share how the process went and what my numbers looked like. The voyeuristic nature in many people might find this bit of the self-publishing adventure especially enlightening. First, let’s start with what I...

Announcing Indian Summer

I’m very excited to announce that my new novel, Indian Summer, is finally available. The advance reviews have already been humbling to read: “This book had me hooked from the first page of chapter 1. I couldn’t put it down. It was the perfect pace...

Cover Reveal for Indian Summer

The release date for my upcoming novel, Indian Summer, is fast approaching. In the spirit of sharing, I thought I would give everyone a preview of the cover and the book description. Consider this a chance to whet your whistle. The guilt of our childhood can haunt us...

About Me

I’m Aaron Mahnke. I’m a freelance graphic designer and the author of a handful of books. I live, work and write in the Boston area. Get in touch here.

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