Lore is a podcast about folklore. The people, places, and things of our darkest nightmares all have real facts at their core. Each episode of Lore looks into a uniquely scary tale and uncovers the truth of what’s behind it. Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.


In addition to Lore, I write novels. My first supernatural thriller, Indian Summer, has been highly reviewed and downloaded by thousands of readers around the world. My second thriller, entitled Consumed, was released in December 2014, followed by Grave Suspicion in July of 2015.

Hundreds of clients across the globe — from Boston to Singapore — have trusted me with their logos, app icons, annual reports, and book covers. Currently, my schedule is very limited, but I am still taking on a small number of clients.

See samples of my work and get in touch here.

The Home Work podcast is a weekly audio program that I co-host with Dave Caolo on the 5by5 Network. We talk about the challenges of working from home, running a freelance business, and telecommuting.